Inspired by the sea, the sun and the bright blue of the Grecian sky, Mayol is not just a jewelry brand but rather a personal project. Let me start from the beginning: the 80s, when I was born. My father owned a video store and my mom was a self-taught jewelry maker. You can imagine what happens when a creative person like me grows in such a world. The pop culture and music of the time fascinated me so much, that I kept asking my mom to make for me the multi color chokers and rhinestone bracelets that I imagined. And so, in 2016, Mayol was born. I was gazing at the magical sea of Lemnos; the island where my mom Toula was born. I named the brand after the free diving legend Jacques Mayol, from my favorite movie The Big Blue (that I discovered when I was 6.) Two years later, in 2018,my idea became reality. I turned my passion into bussiness and opened our studio in Glyfada, Athens. I design the jewelry and my mom and sister bring the magic to reality with their talented hands. Welcome to Mayol!