Inspired by the sea, the sun and the bright blue of the Grecian sky but also from the designer’s fascination for the 80s pop culture and music, Mayol is not just a jewelry brand but rather a personal project. Designed by Marianna Derizioti and handmade by her self-taught mother Toula and sister Lekfi in their Glyfada studio in Greece, Mayol was born as an idea in 2016 and after hundreds shell and multi-color chokers and rhinestone bracelets, that Marianna requested from her mother to wear all year long, she inspired her to start a brand and they finally turned their passion into business in 2018! Since then, Mayol have been worn by thousand girls all over the world, seen on many influencers, celebrities and TV shows but also featured in magazines including Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle,I nstyle and many more! The brand name came from free diving legend, Jacques Mayol, which the designer discovered at the age of 6 after seeing the film,The Big Blue at her father’s video store and it was the first name it came to her mind as she was thinking the creation of her brand, while gazing at the sea on her mother’s island,Lemnos. Welcome To Mayol!